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    Breathe in deep and cleanse away our sins // And we’ll pray that there’s no God to punish us, and make a fuss

    Fury | Muse

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    I’m not generally much for New Years resolutions…. But when I’m staring at a page trying so hard to read the words but grasping absolutely nothing but the thoughts in my head (mostly about what to make for dinner 3 days from now, or what needs to be done at the office tomorrow) something has to change. 

    Apparently the BEST treatment for my much-despised ADD symptoms that have decided to crop up at the most inopportune time are exercise and proper diet, even more recommended than medicating. Wonderful, just what I wanted. More stupid shit eating up my time :| 

  3. 17:37 6th Sep 2013

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    I’m only here for the photos anyway ;) 

    I’m only here for the photos anyway ;) 

  4. Umm, we need to talk.

    Sorry Tumblr….

    I’ve moved on. There’s someone else in my life….

    ……. It’s Pinterest.  

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    Arctic Monkeys - Arabella

    every fucking song on AM is so sexual sounding like fuck
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